Me and Samantha’s Storybird

Me and my partner from New Zealand,  Mrs McKenzie’s class wrote a Story bird.  My partner’s name was Samantha. 

The title of our Story bird were: Friend and Cindy’s Story

In the story there are 2 elephant the purple elephant was named Friend and the pink elephant was named Cindy. 

Me and Samantha each write one page.  I started the first page then she do the second page.  Anyway we switch turns writing a page.

Had you write a Story on Story bird before?  Please tell me if you had or hadn’t.  

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Friend and Cindy's story on Storybird


Hi my name is Jenny. I’m reading Skippy Jon Jones In the Dog House 🙂

When I read I see people or animals moving around just like a movie.
When I read I uses two  strategies.
Those two strategies are called make a mind  picture and ask questions. The two strategies works so well for me to read. It helps me get my reading better and better. 🙂 I learn that using strategies is way better than to just sound it out because sometimes when you sound it out it won’t make sense. But right now having other strategies to help me read it makes more sense.
Do you like reading? My favourite thing about reading is that you can get better at reading and spelling words. Using strategies is the best way to make you a good reader I feel.
I think that, to become a good reader have to do voracious reading. That means you have to read and read and read.
I want my mom to know that I uses strategies to read. Here are some strategies you might want to know:
Ask Questions, make a Mind Picture, , voracious reading, tune into interesting words. There’s some more strategies, but I forget them.
My favourite strategie is make a mind picture because when I read I see a movie.
I have to thank my parents and Silkence,  because they made me to by a good reader thank you). READING IS FUN!

Science Fair Awesome Projects!!!!

Today it is science fair, our projects are set up in the gym. We have to wait beside our project. While we were waiting we could  look at other  people’s projects.  Then the judges  came and asked questions. It was so fun. When the judges are done asking us question we could head back to class.

After lunch the judges will pick who could go to the science fair regional.

My project I’m doing was make a crystal snowflakes. First I thought that warm temperature works  the best to make a snowflake crystals. Because my feeling tells me that warm temperature works the best. But my feelings are wrong. Actually cold temperature works the best.

Do you do science? This is my first time doing science. Doing science is so cool. I think science is the coolest thing in the world.  When Mrs.Watson said that science fair started April 1 I started to think that was going to be so, so fun and it was. I haven’t done a science project before. When it is lunch time most of our parents came and looked at our projects.
I did my project at home. Here’s what you need
2.Boiling Water
3.Wide mouth Jar
4.Pipe cleaner

If you want to know how to make a snow flake crystal here’s the link

My Space Race Art Slideshow

I’ve got a lot and a lot of art works done. Do you like art?  I love art because I love drawing when I draw I felt that I’m painting. Every Friday we do art in our class. Sometimes we use wash paint to paint our art work, actualy they aren’t real wash paint because wash paint are very expensive. Mrs. Watson just put some water in the paint and mixed them together.

My favourite art in the slideshow was the when I’m 100 that art work because I feel that the when I’m 100 art work is the prettiest.

I think that the artist uses a lot of colourful paint to paint their art works.

I’ve been practicing how to make great arts. Do you like my art work? Do you think that my art work looks colourful?



The Awesome Great Music!By:John, Anthony, and Alex

Today Alex,  Anthony and John came to our  school and play songs for the intermediate  class, kindergarten class and our class. Some of our  parents came too. The songs are awesome.
I love the songs that they played. One of the songs that they played I feel that it a sad song. The songs that they played were very interesting. I think that the songs that they played were very cool.
I feel that  the songs that they played are the best songs in the world. John, Anthony, and Alex play lots of great songs.

I want to know if they learned the songs or they already know the songs and I wonder how can they played the songs that quick. I think that they have to pratice a long, long time.

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The Great Water Cycle Videos

Our class water cycle Common Craft video was done taping in April 15th. Me, Sahara and Karin’s video is the last video in the class that should be taping. I think that our video is kind of funny.

I feel embarassed when I say something in the video because I have to talk very loud so people could hear us.

Precipitation is when it rains, snows, sleets or hails. Condensation is when the gas sticks to smoke or dust and forms a cloud. The water videos are so cool.


When I’m 100

When I’m 100 years old I walk very slow:). But I hope I keep my hair long:). I wish my skin will be very soft and my eyes will look very young. I think that I will be a young person when I’m 100.

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Valentine’s Day

This week Monday February the 14’th it was Valentine’s Day. Our class get to play bingo.

After school at night I figured a tine’s Valentine’s song that I could sing when is Valentine’s. So here is the song( Valentine’s , Valentine’s  Valentine’s are cool and fun , I hope I’m the sun:).

Do you like this song?

Do you like Valentine’s Day?
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Eagle Article February

When I grow up I want to be a doctor because doctors can help people. It is very interesting to me. It would be fun to be a doctor. It would be very cool to be a doctor. Doctors help people that are sick and feeling bad. I wish I could help people. I like doctors. I hope I can be a doctor because being a doctor is my dream. Would you like to be a doctor? I will be a doctor if I can.


I put a SurveyMonkey on my blog. My SurveyMonkey’s title was Animal,animal,animal:).There’s lots of kinds of animals for you to choose that the animal you like :). But there might be some animal that you like, they might be not there.   But the animal that you like it could be there  My favorite animal is hamster, rabbit and monkey:).  This is the animal I like .  What kind of  animal do you like:)? I hope you life me a comment.